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Space Symposium 2019

KBRwyle combines over 60 years of space industry expertise with advanced technologies to deliver high value, low risk solutions for civil, commercial and military space customers.

KBRwyle Quick Facts:

  • We Plan, Train, Fly and Sustain our customers' missions.

  • We are the only company to support operations for both NASA's JSC Mission Control Center and the U.S. Air Force Satellite Control Network.

  • We are the world's largest human spaceflight support organization.

  • We are advancing quantum computing and machine learning solutions.

  • We have ensured communication success for 150,000 military satellite contacts annually for 25+ years.

  • We deliver full life cycle satellite operations and provide ground system development, operations and cybersecurity.

  • We are contributing to NASA's strategy to commercialize low Earth orbit (LEO) and the Air Force's SMC 2.0 strategy to combat emerging threats.


Select Areas of Expertise: 

KBRwyle Civil Com Mil Space

Spacecraft Mission Operations

Science Data Systems Operations

Space Medicine

Military Space and Missile Defense

Remote Tracking Station Block Change

KBRwyle Gov Services Overview